Play - Being Active at Any Age

Family Sledding

No matter what your age, discover ways to play and move more every day!

Early Childhood

Kids playing in water Physical activity and movement in the first months and years of life can help shape healthy habits and support proper growth and development. Learn about the physical activity guidelines for this age group and ways to enhance your child's development. Learn More » Early Childhood Arrow-1

School Age/Teens

Boy Skateboarding Being active throughout the school and teenage years is important for developing healthy habits and maintaining growth and development. Explore new ways to help your child or teen fit in the recommended 60 minutes of activity each day! Learn More » School Age/Teens Arrow-2

Young Adults/College Life

Young adults playing frisbee Discover ways to stay fit and healthy, and build activity into your lifestyle as you are away at college for the first time or living and working on your own. Learn More » Young Adults/College Life Arrow-3


Man hiking Discover creative strategies to incorporate physical activity into your busy day and have fun at the same time. Sneak away, escape, and feel energized! Learn More » Adults Arrow-4

Retired Adults

Woman hiking Retirement is a great time to be active. Discover new ways to be active for a long and healthy retirement! Learn More » Retired Adults Arrow-5


Father watching son on swing Make time to enjoy being active together as a family. Discover fun new ways to be active with your children! Learn More » Family Arrow-6

Other Populations/Conditions

Shoes Discover new ways to include physical activity into your daily life. No matter what your circumstances, find the right fit for you! Learn More » Other Populations/Conditions Arrow-7


  • Getting Started

    Wanting to be more physically active? Look no further! Find inspiration and helpful tips to help you get moving.

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