Eat - Eating Well at Every stAGE

Family eating

Things like age, gender, or your activity level can all affect the foods and nutrients that your body needs at certain times of life. Learn about optimum nutrition for your present life stage, and/or for those you prepare and enjoy meals with!

Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy and Lactation Good nutrition before, during and after pregnancy are all important for the health of both you and your baby. Learn more about how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding; which nutrients you will need more of; and weight management strategies to keep you and your baby healthy. Learn More » Pregnancy & Lactation Arrow-1

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are essential to a young child's physical and cognitive development. Find information and tips for preparing and providing healthy meals and snacks for toddlers and preschoolers. Learn More » Early Childhood Arrow-2

School Age/Teens

School age/Teens From 5 to 18, most school-age children become increasingly willing to explore, prepare and try a wide variety of foods. They also may become more interested in helping with grocery shopping, meal planning, and food preparation. Find tips and suggestions for helping your children—from kindergarten into their teen years-- enjoy eating and preparing healthy foods to fuel not only their growth needs, but also their energy needs for keeping up with friends, extra-curricular activities and homework! Learn More » School Age/Teens Arrow-3

Young Adults/College Life

Young Adults/College Life Active young adults can easily meet their body's demand for fuel and nutrients through a well-chosen eating plan. Whether you're cooking on your own for the first time, celebrating your 18th or 25th birthday, or on a tight food budget, learn more about how foods can provide the energy and nutrients you need for good health. Learn More » Young Adults/College Life Arrow-4


Adults While many health conditions affect both men and women, a number of health issues are gender specific. Learn more about nutrition's role in maintaining health throughout the adult years—from having a healthy pregnancy and staying active beyond menopause, to understanding mens' unique nutritional requirements that are influenced by their size, weight, and hormonal influences on muscle mass. Learn More » Adults Arrow-5

Older Adult Care

Older Adult Care Caring for an aging spouse, parent, or friend? Make the process go as smoothly as possible for everyone by being mindful of potential nutrition and health issues, and the practical solutions for managing them. Learn More » Older Adult Care Arrow-6


  • Eating Alone

    Eating alone has become nearly as common as eating with friends and family. Cooking meals for one or two at home can be easy and enjoyable.

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