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The Live Eat Play Colorado website is a collaborative outreach effort of the Colorado State University (CSU) Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, CSU Extension, and the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center (KRNC). Powered by outstanding faculty, skilled staff, and energetic students--combining their wisdom, experience, and skills--the website strives to be a 24/7 source of timely, useful, research-based nutrition and health information you know you can trust anytime and anywhere computer access is available!

CSU Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition

Department of Food Science & Human Nurition The department's mission is to illuminate the role of food and nutrition in the health of society through education, research, outreach, and service. Through the department's Extension Faculty, our department provides educational outreach to all 64 counties in the state of Colorado, and our nutrition education programs serve as models for many other states and land-grant universities. Visit the Food Science & Human Nutrition website »
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CSU Extension Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health

CSU Extension Logo For over 100 years, CSU Extension has helped people in Colorado find the answers they need—from having a healthy pregnancy, to feeding a family on a budget, to understanding how to maintain a healthy weight or fuel an active lifestyle. We also know that online information can't meet everyone's needs all the time, so we encourage you to utilize the expertise of local CSU Extension Agents or campus Specialists whenever your question might be better answered by a phone call or an in-person visit. Visit the CSU Extension Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health website »

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center (KRNC)

Kendall Anderson Nutrtion Center Logo An outreach service of CSU's Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, the Nutrition Center's Registered Dietitians and graduate nutrition students work together to plan and offer a range of nutrition programs, cooking classes, and educational resources for diverse audiences to help improve peoples' lives and improve their health. Visit the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center (KRNC) website »



  • Meet Our Faculty:

    Laura Bellows, PhD, MPH, RD
    Title: Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

    My primary research area examines the development of eating habits and physical activity patterns in young children. I'm interested in understanding how we can best intervene to promote healthy behaviors in preschoolers, a critical age for healthy growth and development. I'm also interested in examining how we can impact parent and teacher behaviors to create healthy environments where children live, learn and play.

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